Water and Wastewater:

The water and waste water industry has struggled with aging assets, more service demands, and increased regulatory pressures. Prioritization of capital expenditures to solve immediate and fleeting concerns has been vital. BN evaluations help water and waste water companies and municipalities with addressing those assets, by prioritizing the most critical issues based on the risk of occurrence and economic impact.

Water Storage and Remote Operated Vehicles Evaluations:

New technology, particularly the use of Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs), has expanded inspection capabilities for water assets to allow for inspection of the tank while it remains in service. ROVs provide a different prospective of each tank, allowing visual access to previously hard-to-reach areas and documenting the findings via high definition video. In-service inspection also provide significant cost benefits by avoiding the costs associated with draining and cleaning the tank during inspections and allowing for inspections during peak water demand.

Newer ROVs technology allows these inspections to be shot in 4k video. – see below

Routine inspection, cleaning and maintenance of water storage facilities are a necessity to protect public health. Inspection of these facilities ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. When conducting an inspection, five criteria are evaluated:

1. Sanitary Conditions
2. Structural and Foundation Conditions
3. Safety and Security Conditions
4. Coatings System Conditions
5. General Details

All inspection process and procedures follow AWWA standards, as well as State and Federal guidelines.

Department of Transportation:

Steel transportation assets face harsh conditions and environments leading to advance corrosion. B&N works with private and public entities to maintain each asset for its specific environment and conditions, including lead remediation.

B&N was recently selected as the State consultant to the Blanchette Bridge Rehabilitation project in St. Louis Missouri.

Department of Defense:

The Department of Defense (DoD) has indicated corrosion is a $20 Billion fight. DoD assets and facilities are spread around the world, including some of the most corrosive environments. B&N corrosion analysis capabilities and status as a Service- Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) provides a unique value to federal government procurements.

Oil and Gas:

The regulatory concerns of the oil and gas industry have driven scheduled inspections requirements and increased demand for rehabilitation to updated standards. B&N consults clients on the state of their current assets and provides recommendations to meet increased regulatory scrutiny.


  • Rehabilitation Project Planning
  • Rehabilitation Daily Inspections
  • Failure Analysis & Anniversary Inspections
  • Asset Evaluation
  • Documentation & Reporting