B&N has the honor of serving clients around the world. As one of a handful of SSPC-QP5 certified corrosion inspection companies, B&N inspectors have provided their services to a wide variety of locations, on land and at sea. Having fostered relationships with clients from across the world, we know the most important aspect of our business is coming along side our clients and working together for solutions to their problems.

A key element to our business is integrating into your project. Our company has served clients in the maritime, petroleum, infrastructure, and transportation industries along with many others. Our success stories across such a wide variety of industries reinforces that our process works. This is only done through clear communication, clean project management, and flexible thinking to ensure your experience with us leaves you and your team enabled to move your project forward.

We also understand that corrosion control may be only one small part of what goes into a project. That is why we know it is important for us to put the right inspector with the most optimal skillset on site. In doing so we maximize efficiency and eliminate unnecessary back and forth communication, helping you stay on time and on budget with your project.

Please click on the video above to see what we are about. If you would like to begin the conversation about how B&N can help you manage corrosion, please click here and we would be glad to serve you.